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We support the people taking direct action to protect our water, air, and land.



There are many ways of being Human on this Earth. But no matter where we’re from or how we live, life for every being depends on clean air and pure water. Unkítawa (uhn-kéy-tawa) is the Lakota word that embodies the concept that what belongs to each of us individually, equally belongs to all living things.

Unkítawa is a group of dedicated, results-oriented people who have come together to support the efforts that protect and heal the Earth for the benefit of all.





Protect Unci Maka, grandMother Earth

Providing support for the efforts that protect our land, our water, and our air


Educational Outreach Program

Sponsoring indigenous cultural education and community building programs that support the sharing of knowledge


Equivalent exchange

Rebalancing the efforts that we support by giving back at least as much as we take


“... bravely, you'll get up, brush your shoulders off, grab your sister's hand, your brother's hand, and sing songs of peace...”

Jumping Buffalo | South Dakota

(recalling the experience from the front line at Standing Rock)

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How it All Started

The idea for Unkítawa came about during the recent events that took place at the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe reservation in North Dakota, where the health and safety of the waters of the Missouri River were being put in doubt and the sovereignty of the tribe tested. Thousands of Native Americans, as well as indigenous and non-indigenous people from all over the world gathered there to bear witness and engage in peaceful protest to protect the Water.

Kyle Schierbeck, a Standing Rock Lakota tribe member living in the Seattle area witnessed first-hand the desecration of his father’s grave by construction crews, which made the struggle very personal for him. He began raising money for the people camping at Standing Rock by selling t-shirts.

About the same time, Kyle met Wayne Feig, a non-Native and agreed to speak at a Yoga-oriented fundraiser for Standing Rock. Kyle spoke from his heart of the difficult situation at Standing Rock and the harsh life he and his ancestors faced during the brutal winters.

One thing became evident: Winter was fast-approaching and many of the people committed to camping at Standing Rock were unprepared for what they were about to face. The greatest need clearly was firewood. This urgent message stirred the spirit of another non-Native man, Christian Hogan, and in that moment Unkítawa was born, with the mission of supporting people taking direct action to protect our water, air, and land.

Unkitawa is a project of The Common Acre, a 501(c)(3) organization



Volunteer Your Time and Energy

Donate To The Cause

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